Which course is better for a beginner?

All athletes know what steroids are and what they are used for, since many have already experienced their effects on themselves. For their use to be effective, it is necessary to follow the correct regimen and dosage. Many athletes are wondering where to start a steroid course, because it depends on how quickly they will gain muscle mass. Ready-made steroid farms have long gained popularity in the sports field. Each of this category of drugs has its own characteristics and affects the body individually. A trainer, sports doctor, or just an experienced professional will help you decide which one is best for you.

The first course to mass – which is better to use

Steroids are divided into two groups according to the method of use – pills and injections. For anabolic steroids, a certain period of time is allotted when a bodybuilder or bodybuilder can form a beautiful, pumped up body. Every beginner who decides to plunge into the world of professional bodybuilding, sooner or later, resorts to taking steroids. It is advisable to start a farm course if the athlete has set himself a goal – to build up mass and increase strength. They must be taken strictly for the intended purpose in order to avoid harmful effects on the body. Before you start taking it, you need to check your health, find out about the possible risks and side effects.

Pharmaceutical courses for a beginner can consist of both oral and injectable forms of steroid drugs. During the first course, it is not forbidden to take them in combination, because the combination itself is not dangerous there is more. However , at first, injections can lead to negative reactions, for this reason it is best to refrain from them and still opt for pills.

What is the best steroid for the first course for beginners?

The first course for a beginner may include drugs such as Anavar or Dianabol , which, by the way, will be needed at this stage. The only drawback of oral steroids is that they do not have the same effect as injections and act much more slowly. In addition, a course of anabolic steroids for a beginner, consisting of some pills, can negatively affect the liver.

One of the most popular highly effective drugs is Dianabol . But its long-term use has a hepatotoxic effect, which means that it should be used in a short course. It will be enough to take 30 mg tablets for 8 weeks. After graduation, you need to go through PCT with Clomid .

You can start a course of anabolic steroids with Nandrolone . This drug is very similar in its mechanism of action to testosterone. The main discrepancy lies in its lower androgenic property. The course of administration should not exceed 10 weeks at a dosage of 500 mg per week. It is recommended to take antiestrogens together .

For the full growth of muscle mass, oral steroids, namely Winstrol , are suitable . This group of anabolic agents has a small list of estrogen-related side effects. Taking the drug does not cause swelling, due to which at the end of the course the athletes do not have a swollen appearance. It is recommended to drink no more than 50 mg per day, the duration of admission is 5 weeks. 

Features of solo courses for beginners

It is not difficult to start a course for mass gain if you are confident in the chosen drug and your strengths. Certainly, it is better to do it on some tablets Pharma , without testosterone injections. This course is gentle and most suitable for female athletes. But not for men. Men without testosterone injections will cope much harder, because this will lead to a drawdown of the endogenous hormone literally from the first weeks of the cycle, which will entail irritability, aggression, drowsiness, apathy, decreased libido, metabolic disorders, and deterioration of protein synthesis.

The course of steroids for the mass of a beginner can be solo if you choose Oxandrolone . These are anabolic steroids of the elite class for beginners, which attracts athletes with their efficiency. In bodybuilding, the duration of use should not exceed 6 weeks with an optimal dosage of 40 mg per day.

It is also allowed to start the first course of steroids with Trenbolone . Initially, it was created to increase strength indicators without changing the athlete’s body weight. It also inhibits natural testosterone production like Oxandrolone more details here. Reception lasts 6 weeks at a dose of 20 mg per day.

Oxymetalon is an anabolic tablet suitable for both men and women. It does not aromatize and does not affect the functioning of the digestive tract. Gives good gains in mass and strength. The duration of the course is 6 weeks, 100 mg per day.

Of the testosterone products, the esters of propionate and enanthate are most suitable for beginners . The dosage of the drug in strength sports ranges from 300 to 500 mg per week.

A ready-made course of steroids for a beginner can be bought in a specialized online store of sports pharmacology, where a wide range of original products are presented that will help you quickly and safely build muscle and make your body visually attractive.