If you want to gain muscle mass, it is not enough to use steroids. There are a few rules that you also need to follow. Additionally, you can look into buying such drugs https://farma-shop.best/peg-mgf-2-mg.

Eat Right

If you’ve ever asked your trainer the question, “How do I gain muscle mass fast?”, you’re sure to hear a long monologue about the benefits of proper nutrition in response. And believe me, trainers know what they’re talking about. For starters, give up eating three meals a day. In your case, you need to eat more often – about once every two hours, but it certainly does not mean that the portions should be huge. The main thing is to eat more protein and carbohydrates, but you have to limit yourself in fats (you want to build muscle, not fat).

Strengthen your legs

Well, and of course, to gain muscle mass will not work without training. First, we advise you to work on your legs. After all, you need a foothold for the pile of muscle you want to build up. To do this you will need to exercise on a step-platform. We recommend you try the following exercise: stand on the trainer with both legs and alternately do backward lunges with one leg. It is very important to bend your knees during the lunge. It is not necessary to do it quickly, but 10-12 repetitions will certainly not take too much time.

Pump your shoulders

We’re guessing that when you set out to gain mass, one of your main associations was broad shoulders. Aside from the fact that girls like it, it’s also very helpful in the workout process. The stronger your shoulders, the more weight you can lift. In order to pump up your shoulders, work out with a shock absorber. Take it in your hands, press your elbows against your torso and pull the shock absorber in different directions so that your shoulder blades touch each other. All in all, you should do 2-3 approaches of 10-15 times per workout.

Do not let your arms relax

When working on your biceps it is very important to train quickly. First choose the weight you are sure to be able to lift several times and fix it on the barbell. At the same time, it is worth selecting a borderline weight so that a kilogram more would be difficult. It is necessary to lift the bar very quickly and sharply, but it is necessary to lower the weight slowly and calmly. Repeat the lift in one approach as long as you can. As soon as you feel discomfort, give yourself a rest. And it is normal if it happens after the third or fourth time.

Do not forget about pectoral muscles

In order to build up your pecs, you first need to figure out how much maximum weight you can lift. For the next exercise, you will have to turn to math. Calculate 70% of the weight you can lift and start. In the bench press you lift the barbell with this weight one and a half times: i.e. first half, then lower and extend your arms fully. And repeat this three times. Then you can rest and go on a new run. It is advisable to do this eight times in one workout.

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