In the distant past, a man and a woman met at work, with friends, in theaters or just on the streets. In today’s world there are also such acquaintances, but more and more often in acquaintances we are helped by the Internet with its colossal possibilities. After all, it is much easier and easier to meet your soulmate, who shares your interests and views, who matches all the criteria in the second half of the World Wide Web, than in real life. And the main thing is that in this case, the girl does not have to wait until they pay attention to her. Online dating is equal, and any of us can choose a partner himself with the matrimony site in india and in other countries!

On such dating sites there is a gallery consisting of photos of men and women of attractive appearance of different ages, social status and interests, where you will definitely find your one and only. Our dating is a search for a friend and a loved one, romantic correspondence, waiting for a real date. By placing your photos on the pages of dating site, you move to a new life – a life of search, hope and dreams. With such sites your dreams come true. Dating is not only flirting, which is an adult expression of sympathy, but also a search for a life partner, moving towards his goal – to meet a reliable partner, get married, create a happy family!

However, the skill and habit of recognizing hidden meanings behind words can play a bad joke. Therefore, to recognize is not to invent. Often the initial suspicion of a new acquaintance leads to the fact that we are ready in any of his phrases to see the catch. The main complication arises in communication between a man and a woman, because of the different ways and methods of information transfer. Men are more direct and less inclined to cover up the true meaning of their words. In many ways, they say what they want to say. So there’s no need to look for hidden meaning in them. Women are more difficult to organize in terms of transmitting and receiving information. 

Unlike men, they tend to hide the true meaning of their words behind a mass of conventions and curtains, and therefore tend to look for hidden implication behind the words of others. But nature has not just created us to be so different, so it is intriguing and beckons to each other. It turns out to be a kind of game that can be enjoyable, but only as long as it is enjoyable. In other cases, there may be misunderstandings, when a man can not understand the connotation of a woman’s message, and the woman finds such a deep connotation in what the man said. Therefore, in such situations it is best to start saying what you want to say and hear what you hear.

Sometimes when we meet, we often have another problem when we perceive ourselves in a different way than we imagine. The discrepancy between words and meanings is immediately read by our nonverbal message, as mentioned above. If a person claims to be self-confident, but feels a contradiction inside, it will give out his posture, intonation, look that we will believe more than what he says. 

Those around us mostly see us as we see ourselves, whether we can act or just talk, whether we are afraid or confident. And so that acquaintance is successful and leads you to the desired goal, as acquaintance for marriage, you should probably start with yourself, learn to understand yourself, your desires, aspirations and even fears. Words give the content, non-verbal part of the information – the connotation and only all together – the overall message meaning.
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