CS:GO is the latest version of the game and it’s not all clear. Many have questions about tactics and strategy games, and some argue that this part of the game does not differ from previous ones.

And those who think so are deeply mistaken, because in this version of the game completely changed the physics of bullets and the game has become more complex. And that’s why the tactics that will help you to fight against real players have also changed. There are two types of the game:

  1. Aggressive;
  2. Calm (balanced).

Aggressive game

A very good and high-quality tactic. The good thing about it is that you’re always in active motion and you don’t use any ambushes, you act proactively. This is a more workable option than ambushes, this way you stump the enemy and you have a few seconds of advantage. And as you already know these few seconds are a lot. And you can also use grenades and smoke bombs for even more advantageous rolling. Of course the most important thing is to be careful in choosing a path and not to run into an advancing crowd of opponents. You can also use game items csgo.net.

Calm game

Represents the quiet movement on the map using all the possible tricks and loopholes to enter the enemy’s rear. Of course for this type of game is best to choose workarounds for the rear, but also do not forget that the enemy can do the same, and therefore need to be very careful. It is advisable to move not by yourself, but with a couple of people for even greater protection. Of course it is your choice, but many professionals are not very fond of this type of play and give their priority to aggressive tactics.

Let’s also take a look at defense situations and how to defend properly. Terrorists are the most common defensive situations, and this information is best suited for players who like to play as terrorists. In order to gain a defensive advantage, the defender should look out and be on the move as much as possible, so you can see the oncoming enemy in advance and that reduces your risk of running into enemy pre-fire. Pre-fire is when you shoot at the possible enemy’s position beforehand just after coming out of the corner. In general, the pre-fire is understood as moving and shooting in one action. If your position is known to the enemy and you don’t know how to react on the pre-fire, your fate is unenviable.

Position timing, local skirmish positions

Every map has skirmish locations where the two teams meet and the fight begins.  You need to know the nuances at which respawn you reach your position before the opponent does. When best to throw grenades and go on the assault, because ignorance of such things can lead to losing the whole team. It is best to use aggressive play to occupy a favorable position and do not forget about throwing grenades and smoke bombs. Sure a couple of rounds may not go as well as you planned, but in subsequent games you’ll already know the respawn points and be able to determine the distances to the junction point. If you want to add some interesting colors to the game, use https://csgo.net/.